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Hardware Upgrade

Unlike currently popular ‘tablet’ computers, desktop computers and many laptops can be upgraded. This can add extra features and also improve performance. This can be considerably cheaper than buying a whole new machine, and allows you to continue using the same computer you’re familiar with. This avoids having to go through the tedious process of transferring all your files and setting up all your applications again.We can upgrade and install new hardware components in your computer and fully test that everything works as expected.

Software Upgrade

 Newer versions of your applications are constantly being released, and keeping on top of them all can be very time-consuming. Software updates occasionally don’t go to plan and perhaps not upgrading might seem like the best option! However, most software updates contain numerous bug and security fixes which can be important for stable running of your computer and protecting it from new malware and viruses and other security issues.

Support Devices

All world Trusted Sales Brand Storage Devices Scales.

  • Portable Hard Drive

  • Pendrive

  • Memory Card


Virus Solution

  • Antivirus(ESET NOD32, Net Protector,Bit Defender etc)

  • Licence(1 Year,3 Year*)

  • Renew Licence

  • Support

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Customer Service

Upgrade your Computer, Laptop, Hardware with us.

  • RAM

  • Solid state Drive(SSD)

  • Graphics Card


Upgrade Your Hardware

Operating System Upgrades : Windows 10,Windows 8, Windows 7




HDD/SSD Recovery


Server Support/Services

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